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A degree is forever. HWC is committed to forging higher education opportunities.

Why College?

In addition to raising a person's wages over the course of a lifetime, a college education broadens the scope of career choices after graduation. 

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Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC)

Arizona Scholarships

CPLC's provides programs aimed to ensure equal access to healthcare, education, affordable housing, meaningful work and political representation. Their scholarships are primarily focused on students attending Arizona State University, University of Arizona, and a number of community colleges within the Maricopa area.



Leadership Development Programs

Edu-Futuro provides programs for youth involving STEM, robotics, leadership as well as internships.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Scholarship and Education Services

HSF is a national organization that provides numerous resources and support needed for completion of higher education. They provide their scholars career services, mentorship, leadership development, knowledge building, and wellness training. The application deadline is February of each year. Scholarships will be awarded in December.


Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Scholarship and Development

HACU provides currently enrolled students in the United States various scholarship and grant opportunities throughout the year. In addition their programs are actively advocating for Hispanics through programs within leadership, STEM, and environmental sustainability.

TELACU Education Foundation

California Scholarships and Resources

TEF provides California students support in high school, college, and graduate school in the way of financial, education, and career services. Their applications open in December each year. Check out their resource page for more!

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Unidos US

Education Programs

National program that is involved with a wide range of issues related to Hispanic-Americans including civil rights, economics, education, immigration, health and voting. Find their local affiliates here.

Victoria Teresa Arias Memorial Foundation

Tucson, AZ HS Senior Scholarship

The VTA Foundation targets current high school seniors from select schools in the Tucson area who have exemplified the virtues of hard work, dedication, and faith in higher education. 

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Comprehensive Scholarship Directory features over 200 scholarships directed to Hispanic students at varying stages of their education career.

  • What is a scholarship?
    A scholarship is a monetary award to a student to pay for their education. Repayment is not required, but there may be other stipulations like maintaining a specified grade point average to receive continued support. Scholarships are privately funded from individual donors, businesses, or organizations. Scholarships are not a form of government aid.
  • Where can I search for scholarships?
    There are many online resources to gather scholarships you may be eligible for. Check scholarship databases in addition to the college or university you intend to attend.
  • How do I apply?
    Once you gather a list of scholarships you are eligible for, prepare a timeline to gather any additional supporting documents. Supporting documents may possibly include a personal statement, letters of recommendation, or a school transcript. Each application is different. Submit your application following the instructions for submission in a timely fashion.
  • How many scholarships can I apply to?
    You can apply to as many scholarships as you see fit.
  • How do I receive a scholarship?
    Scholarships are sent directly to the college or university you assign.
  • My citizenship status is different. Can I still apply?
    Government aid for higher education is open to U.S. Citizens. If you are a DACA student or you have a different immigration status, there may be private scholarships that you are eligible for.
  • How do I know that a scholarship is legitimate?
    Scholarship scams have grown in our digital age. To prepare yourself, you can keep in mind the following suggestions: do not pay to apply for a scholarship. Other than postage to mail an application, a “processing cost,” “redemption fee,” or other upfront payment is a suitable reason to walk away. Scholarship scams are often a direct social media post or email made to look like a personal invitation. Verify with a representative of the scholarship organization, if you are in doubt.
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